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Implementing and sustaining meaningful alternatives to living with violence.

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Emergency Shelter

Middle Way House provides shelter for women and children fleeing violence at home. Call (812) 336-0846 to learn more.

24-Hour Crisis Line

MWH’s 24-Hour Crisis Line offers immediate intervention and support by trained peers and advocates. Call (812) 336-0846.

Advocacy and Legal Assistance

Contact our Legal Advocates at (812) 333-7404 discuss legal process and options in abusive situations.

Prevention Education

Call (812) 333-7404 to discuss bringing our Building Healthy Relationship program to your school or organization.

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Your financial donation will leave a lasting impact on the services and programs MWH can offer in the South Central Indiana area.


Our Impact

Middle Way House is one of six National Domestic Violence Model programs. Click to find out why.

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Did you know there are more than 12 different volunteer areas at MWH? Read more about ways to give back to your community.

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A Letter from the Director

Reassuring. Empowering.  Encouraging.  Exhilarating.   It is what we do and who we are at Middle Way House.  Our mission is all about EDUCATION and ENGAGEMENT – educating people about domestic violence and sexual assault, why it occurs in our society, how the community can change the culture, what Middle Way House does to assist victims, and engaging the community to support us in our work to end violence in our community.

It is difficult for many to conceive that today, in 2016, society continues to be challenged by the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault.  We believe that acts of domestic violence and sexual assault, and our society’s tolerance of them, are expressions of deeply rooted sexism in our culture.  Consequently, Middle Way House cannot hope to end violence against women without doing the hard work of changing the culture, addressing gaps in legislation and enforcement pertinent to crimes of violence against women, and demanding equity in our social and economic arrangements.

Our vision is of a community where individuals live free from violence and the threat of violence; a community characterized by equality between women and men and social and economic justice; a community where everyone’s contribution is honored and individual and group differences are valued; a community where everyone is adequately fed, housed, educated and employed; a community that provides opportunities for meaningful participation, personal growth, and creative expression.

We cannot do this work alone; we need your help!  Please visit our donation page to help end violence in the community. There is a role for everyone in the work ahead; we hope you will join us. Please consider attending a volunteer training and contributing your ideas, time and energy to our social change activities.

My best regards,
Toby Strout

Executive Director of Middle Way House