July 3, 2015

Good news! We have two new job openings at Middle Way House. Please take a look and spread the word!

Middle Way House
House Manager
Job Description

Hours: 40, flexible
Reports to: the Executive Director
Compensation: $14.50/hour
Status: Exempt

The House Manager is responsible for maintaining a safe, sanitary, and adequately supplied environment for residential clients.


1. Monitors daily functions of the shelter
a. Reviews status of sleeping rooms and common areas
b. Originates the resident chore list
c. Coordinates clean-up and prep of bedrooms for new residents
2. Maintains shelter supplies
a. Shops and maintains inventory in pantry
b. Collects, logs, organizes and distributes (and otherwise disposes of) donated items
c. Purchases cleaning supplies and paper products for the New Wings facilities
3. Takes responsibility for all working systems and components at New Wings
a. Conducts periodic reviews of all systems and
i. Does or arranges for volunteer-performed light maintenance as possible
ii. Contacts service personnel as needed
b. Initiates contracts with and oversees the work of and billing by external service providers
4. Manages relationships with Corrections, Bloomingfoods (relative to the Food Works kitchen), and Hoosier Hills Food Bank
5. Writes job descriptions for volunteers, interns, workstudy personnel and supervises their work
6. Attends weekly meetings with staff and residents and other meetings upon request of the Executive Director
7. Participates on the on-call rotation for the shelter
8. Participates in screening process for New Wings apartments applicants, coordinates with the Bloomington Housing Authority and HAND as necessary for timely inspections of the premises

Middle Way House
Events Coordinator
Job Description

Hours: Part-time, flexible
Reports to: the Executive Director
Compensation: $12.50/hour following completion of probationary period
Status: Non-exempt

The Events Coordinator is involved in events designed to raise funds, awareness, and knowledge. Events may originate with the Coordinator and the Events Committee of the Board, with other staff members, or with organizations external to Middle Way.


1. Produces and continually updates a calendar of events for the agency
2. Acts as staff liaison to the Events Committee of the Board and takes an active role in all Board-initiated events, including
a. Planning
b. Publicizing
c. Soliciting sponsorships
d. Coordinating/performing reception, donations, agency information displays
e. Managing set-up and clean-up
f. Volunteer recruitment
3. Coordinates acknowledgement of sponsors and donors
4. Maintains databases for mailing list purposes
5. Assists with staff-initiated events (See 2.a-f above)
6. Acts as Point-of-Contact for benefit events originating outside the agency
7. Writes job descriptions for and supervises volunteers, interns and workstudy personnel as appropriate

All staff members are expected to attend regularly scheduled staff meetings consistent with their specific responsibilities, all-staff meetings, and Board meetings upon request.

If interested, please send your resume to Roxanne Marotz, Human Resources, at roxanne@middlewayhouse.org