Building Healthy Relationships & Violence Prevention Education

BHR) is a four, five, and ten session interactive curriculum designed to prevent interpersonal dating violence as well as domestic and sexual violence. Specially trained educators tailor presentations to fit the time frames and meet the specific needs of each audience. This program is offered to area middle schools, high schools, and youth-serving organizations.  Adult versions of the program are available in various formats, including sessions specifically for developmentally disabled adults and lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender men and women.

Core BHR sessions address gender roles and stereotypes, healthy versus unhealthy relationships, sexual harassment and sexual assault, consent, and bystander intervention. Our objective is for participants to leave with the shared goal of preventing violence in the future and in possession of the skills to do just that.

If you are interested in hosting a BHR program or would like to volunteer as an educator, please contact:

Evelyn Smith,
Prevention Programs Coordinator
(812) 333-7404

Other presentations are available, tailored to meet the needs of your group, including:

  • Rape Culture
  • Human Trafficking
  • Boyfriend Lessons for Gay, Bi, & Trans Men in partnership with Bloomington Illumenate
  • Womyn Talk for Gay, Bi, & Trans Womyn
  • Healthy Relationships and Sexuality for Adults & Teens with Disabilities
  • Consensuality: Making Informed Sexual Choices
  • Teen Peer Advocate Training
  • Sexting & Digital Citizenship: Rights, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Coming soon: NISVS findings on LGB populations